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Phil Vischer: He, Himself, Bob, and Kevin

Episode Summary

Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales, joins Kevin to talk everything from the early days to what's still to come! They talk about the state of Christian movies and some candid thoughts about "Veggie Tales: IN THE HOUSE." It is more fun than a box of tomatoes. Don't miss it!

Episode Notes

Is available on Amazon and wherever Christian books are sold.

NEW VEGGIE EPISODES—There are 18 new episodes of Veggie Tales being produced. The first new show—The Best Christmas Gift—will be available starting 10/22
ON TV, YOU CAN SEE THEM ON TBN—TBN is the world’s largest faith and family broadcaster reaching over 175 nations on 32 global networks - TBN’s US reach is over 100 million households. The air date has not yet been announced.
IN STREAMING & DVD—Available on DVD in WalMart, Target, CBA channel retail stores, on JellyTelly, and on most digital platforms and multiple SVOD platforms.

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